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Do you know the correct installation method of forged steel

Author:阀门 Popularity: Issuing time:2018-07-19 17:52

In daily life, forged steel ball valves are widely used, and the market consumption is relatively large. Therefore, proper warranty maintenance can not only reduce maintenance time, but also improve work efficiency, thereby saving procurement costs and avoiding unnecessary waste.
With a long service life and maintenance-free period, it will depend on several factors: normal working conditions, maintaining a harmonious temperature/pressure ratio, and reasonable corrosion data.
We have a deep understanding of the maintenance of forged steel ball valves. Before using the forged steel ball valve, flush the pipe and the valve body over the flow part with water to prevent residual iron filings and other debris from entering the valve body cavity, and ensure the valve. The body is working normally.
The forged steel ball valve is used to weld the metal of the sealed cover. If the pipe ball valve is cleaned, it is necessary to focus on preventing damage to the seal ring during the disassembly and causing damage to the valve. If there is a slight leak in the packing during use, you can slightly tighten the stem nut until the leak stops, and you can not continue tightening.


When the forged steel ball valve is closed, some of the medium may remain in the valve body and also bear a certain pressure. Before servicing the ball valve, first close the shut-off valve before the ball valve, then open the ball valve that needs to be repaired, and completely release the internal pressure of the valve body. In the case of electric ball valves or pneumatic ball valves, the power supply or air supply must be disconnected first.
When the forged steel ball valve is disassembled, the bolts and nuts on the flange should be fixed first, then all the nuts should be slightly tightened, and finally fixed with strength. If the individual nuts are forcibly fixed first, and then the other nuts are fixed, the surface of the flanges may be damaged or broken due to unevenness in the surface, resulting in leakage of the valve flanges. The valve is cleaned and the solvent used must not conflict with the parts to be cleaned and will not corrode. If it is a gas-only ball valve, it can be cleaned with gasoline.
Other parts are generally cleaned with medium water. When cleaning, thoroughly clean the residual dust, oil and other attachments. If it cannot be cleaned with clean water, it can be cleaned with a cleaning agent such as alcohol without damaging the valve body and parts. After the cleaning is completed, the cleaning agent is completely volatilized before assembly.

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